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How to tap into your inner strength, the stronger you?

April 19, 2017

How to tap into your inner strength, the stronger you?

I have seen and heard stories of people starting from the rags and making it to riches with success and fame in their lap.  I have also heard and witnessed it otherwise. People go to rags from riches.

I have heard this statement many times, “You have unlimited potential in you.”

At times I totally believe it; at times I am at suspicion. Allowing myself more to believe it has clarified one fact for me. I can at least increase my efforts manifold in order to achieve the desired results. Increasing efforts directly gets linked to my inner strength in a perfect way.

The more I increase my efforts, the stronger I feel from inside!

What is inner strength?

Inner strength is one’s urge and ability to never give up and rise against all odds

Inner Strength can also be explained as one’s ability to choose positive behavior in completely adverse circumstances.

We all have strength beyond normal

I am no way beyond an average performer in life so far. But I have been able to clearly identity the times when special causes, days, reasoning, desires wants etc. have driven me crazy from inside and I did not stop or rest unless I achieved those wants. I did not care for anything else during that time. I went totally in pursuit, absolutely relentlessly.

I want to simply state that we all get those powerful; to do moments in life when we do not stop without the results we are looking for! Temporarily we are wiser, stronger, resourceful, active, hard-worker and what not! We arrange whatever it takes to achieve the desired result.

So inner strength is actually there and we are tapping/using it during this time period. Possibly without being aware of!

What governs our ‘nothing but this’ behavior at the moment? What makes us tap our inner strength and a ‘go for it’ attitude is temporarily formed?

How can we extend this temporary attitude as a permanent behavior in life?

VJ and I filtered 12 methods of, “how can we incorporate tapping of our inner strength as a permanent desired behavior in life?”

  1. Be thankful

To have a clear picture, the foremost is to be thankful for what we have. When we are thankful, we are at peace and when we are at peace we can see our inner strengths very clearly. We can also see our weaknesses and improve them. When there are disturbances the vision is unclear and we don’t know if we are choosing the right path or we are altogether on a wrong way. We are unable to visualize our inner strengths so we cannot tap them either. Actually when we are disturbed and distracted, our weaknesses takeover and we misunderstand them as our strengths. A rather dangerous combination is triggered and destructive emotions start forming in us. When we are thankful, we have a stable mind. Always be thankful and start with peace.

2. Be coachable

Open up your mind completely to learn about what you desire. Clean the older thoughts that you might have, even if they are right for the moment. Make some memory-space in your mind for the fresh guidelines to flow. Learn and be coachable. Have a mentor to start guiding you towards your goal. To start with, a book can be your mentor, but have some strategic direction as to what methods you want to follow to achieve a particular goal.

3. One goal

Have one considerable goal over time. During our intentional self-analysis (we were not even checking it before!) we found out that whenever we had/have one clear goal set, we were able to march towards it as per our plan; sometimes even faster. Obviously we think one. We get undivided attention and resources to one goal. All pros and cons are studied before starting. Opposite is also true. If I have scattered goals, it seems like all stars are pretty but none is mine anyway! So pretty soon I quit trying for one and go for another. At my best, I only learn out of that but gain is not what I desired.

4. Laser focus

After having one goal, have an eagle eye on it. Focus as if you see only one ray of sun coming out of it. One clear goal with sharp laser focus is a very healthy / achievable combination. You will achieve it with tremendous speed. Continue with your daily activities but add a little extra for your one goal on a daily basis. Don’t rest until done!

5. Form a clear path

Our mind is a weird but excessively powerful phenomenon. Anything it can visualize with clarity, it guides the master right away that it is achievable. Anything!

Form a clear map as to what are your directions about your goal. Your timeline, resources, backup, contacts, follow-up plan, team, daily activities, dealing with deviations and everything in-between! Have a clear, written path of your goal. Do not settle without a clear, written goal and the path to achieve it.

6. Magic is in daily actions

“A little by little, you can conquer the great Himalayas!” Key here is little by little. Write down your daily actions that cannot be sacrificed at any cost until you achieve your goal. Even if it is a 5 day project, know your daily actions inside out and do them without failure. The accumulation will happen. Breaking the daily momentum will create the peaks and valleys of doubt in your mind. You will be at a risk of losing your momentum.

7. Goal oriented meditation

Keep your goal daily in front of you, explain the reason to yourself why are you after this goal, what will happen when you will achieve this goal and what you will miss if this goal is missed? Mediate every day, anywhere, anytime, the way you like; focusing only on this goal. Reflect your daily progress immediately after meditation. Decide the speed you will need today in order to make it better and faster for you. Do multiple self-reminders in a day.

8. Keep yourself inspired

If it is a bit long term goal, ensure that you inspire yourself enough to keep pursing it. Read true stories of the legends that have done it in the past, and are doing it at the moment. Reading will help you to refine your mind and energy. Use library, online blogs, forums and whatever you need to gather enough mental energy to keep working on your goal unless you achieve it. Stay away from the thoughts or even from the real stories that are of trying, failing and quitting about the similar goal as you are working on. Trying and failing is ok, quitting is not.

9. Rejuvenate

It is certain that when you take up a goal, you will have obstacles. It is also certain that some of those obstacles will be dealt in no time with bare minimum effort, whereas some might become very challenging to deal with and resolve. The path towards your goal is predictable. The difficulties are already foretold. The key here is that when you really feel overdone and exhausted twice off your limit, don’t hesitate to recognize it. Take some time off and charge your batteries. Rejuvenate yourself. Reward yourself for what you have done so far. Have a relaxing day. Restart next day.

10. Remember the good and persevere

There will be times when you will get overwhelmed with the temporary fact that nothing is moving forward. Nothing is happening as per your plan, thought and speed. Results are completely missing. No option is useful. You will wonder if quitting is the right option. From real work to relax, nothing is working. In such scenario, remember the good you have done so far to progress towards this (current) goal. Also shed a light on your previous projects and the successes associated with them. Remember how you faced and solved the previous challenges. The objective is to remember your previous successes and persevere to reach to the current goal. Understand and overpower your own resistance and things will flow smoother.

11. Quantum leap

It is my personal favorite. I always insist that if the results are not as per what you desire, increase the effort four times. I believe that many times, only weakness is that our efforts are not enough in the direction of the goal we desire. Irony here is we are not ready to acknowledge that our efforts are less because efforts may be more than usual. But the fact is they are still not enough for the goal we are pursuing! The goal still demands more! Whenever this happens, we are in a need to have a quantum jump in our efforts, so don’t wait. Increase your efforts. Measure them and ensure that you have a 4 fold increase. I am certain you will have a quantum leap towards your goal and it will be very distinguishable as well.

Now think of making a quantum leap when your current efforts are already producing the result you want. This thought is exciting, fast and powerful! Act on it!

12. Celebrate, give back and make it memorable

When we celebrate an achievement, it makes us happier and in addition; it imprints on our mind that it is possible. By making it memorable, we are preparing our mind for many future endeavors. It will be ready for us in case we need to refer this as a past success when undertaking another tough project in life. This will help us to govern that whatever we have undertaken is achievable. Achieving becomes part of our habit and a valuable inner strength.

At the end, never complete your success celebration unless you have given back to the community. This will lead you to your true purposefulness, satisfaction, stability and mental peace. Giving back will make you calmer and will allow you to be stronger and tap your strength when required in future. Each time we give back, we will be closer to a more stable and eternal mindset. We will be closer to the permanent peace.

And remember; the first step to tap our inner strength is ‘To be at peace’! So giving back completes the circle and brings in what we need and desire!

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