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Unexplained Relations are Sometimes Important and Sometimes Unnecessary!

Unexplained Relations are Sometimes Important and Sometimes Unnecessary!


Life is a complex matter. Sometimes we have unexplained relations or a feel that we quite can’t Ignore.

One type of unexplained relations is that never take off. You might call them those that happen only in the mind of a person. For instance, that one person you were attracted to but never got to a chance for conversation. The only relationship you have had with this kind of person is mainly in the mind. In a way you know you had something going together but did not get to explore it.

Another type may be where someone is adapted but is missing natural parents and siblings, family tree, relatives that a person never met etc.

Another unexplained and very common in today’s world is a pure attraction based relation. Should two people get in a relationship that is attraction based and otherwise forbidden, care must be taken not to overstep boundaries. Bearing in mind it is not allowed for them to have it; the two have to be careful how they handle themselves.

Even when the attraction is one-sided, caution should be exercised and emotion should be controlled.

Circumstances might have forced the two to stay apart even though willing to be together. It could be the case whereby a man is unable to get over a woman he met while on holiday during summer. Not even after he discovers she is married to someone else. This kind of relationship often does not have any grounds and can be as shaky as those that come and go. Usually, it is based on the wishes of one or both partners, which may never come to reality.


It is harder to extract and write the role of an unexplained relation. This kind of a relationship will mainly keep one’s hope alive. You keep on waiting for something you may never have, and that keeps you going, in a way. It is as if merely by hoping for, it could become reality one day. The unending wait that comes with it has one hooked to a belief that it could happen somehow. Hope is an important part of life. It makes life bearable to have something you wait or dream for each day, hoping for a chance to make it a reality.

Imagine an adapted child hoping to see his/her natural parents who got separated due to a disaster!

The role of this relationship is mainly to keep one motivated, somewhat to keep in fantasies as well. It has to do with the fact that you have a desired (not necessarily positive every time) thing going, even though not in reality but only in mind.


You have a responsibility not to step over boundaries with the other person, especially if both of you are meeting after a long time. Acknowledge that what you wish for may not happen and find a way to resolve the issue. There are not many limitations when an unexplained relation ends in a positive one. In the case where matters of the heart have led you to become involved with a person whom you cannot have as your own, (Negative and unexplained relationship) own up to the fact it may never be. Even when you have something going between the two of you, make sure to fortify your emotions as there are no assurances. The best bet to keep the life smooth is to completely own and follow the real life responsibilities.

It is our own responsibility that such relationship primarily should never be developed. The art of self-analysis, self-control and self-discipline should be learned and exercised to keep the life happier and fulfilled at the core level. Deceitful emotions should be identified, controlled and abandoned immediately. Otherwise at some point, it might cause a lot of pain to severe the important and real life relationships and damage the self-esteem entirely.


When the unexplained relationship is about a positive relation, there are all rights available. Think of a person meeting his brother after a long time because they were separated in a war! They can explore all the rights ranging from international territory to local laws and regulations to see each other and be together.

The relationships that we are unable to explain in a society have simply no rights. As long as involved people stay within the relationship boundaries, they are respecting their own rights. With the knowledge that the relationship is based mainly on a chance and is short-spelled, it is good to keep things open between them. It is not unusual to find the two involved constantly keeping tabs on each other, using their right to check-on each other. The involved people surely have the right to transform their relationship to a more meaningful and explainable one and enjoy all the mainstream rights. This will though, happen only if they trust and respect each other even after having a relation that at present is not well explained.


An unexplained relation, in most cases is a temporary relation. It is formed with a very high node and thins out equally fast unless both sides that are involved want to make a conscious effort to maintain the relationship and give it a meaningful definition.

Accordingly results of an unexplained relation are mostly temporary and attraction based. Unless the relation is a valuable one, the results are not worth mentioning. People who get into any type of (negative) unexplained relationship tend to lose their real life good relationship. This is a serious negative result and must be considered before having an attraction based unexplained relation.

This kind of relationship will only help a person if they can make a connection with the subject of interest. At times it is enough to gain an audience with the person you admire, only to express how you feel about him. Keep in mind it could go either way as he may not be the same thinking as you are.

You will feel fulfilled that you let your emotions known. It is bad to keep what you feel hidden in your heart as you may never realize the chance to be heard. If you are attracted to someone who has no idea about the way you feel, the only way you will be able to find out if anything is possible between you two is if you let him know about it.

Assuming all goes well between the two of you, you will have succeeded in the endeavor. It calls for a lot of tolerance on both parts fostered by reaching a conclusion about the matter at hand.


A positive unexplained relationship brings reward. Such as reuniting families, friends and pets and bringing a wave of joy to the involved people. On a broader scale, it helps to make a stronger community.

On the other side, we sincerely believe that an unexplained relation that neither have any base nor is conducive in a society, brings no reward unless is determined to be converted into more of a meaningful relationship. At the best without any damage, it can be formed and severed quietly. But most of the time, an unexplained negative relation will interfere with the more meaningful relationships in life and will cause an irrevocable damage to them.

It is always better to admire the true relationships we have and nurture them. If we try to find what is lacking in our current relationship by forming any sort of unexplained relation, we will soon be losing both. It is always better to talk out the differences that push us to form an unexplained relationship rather than disregarding them in the beginning and letting them grow to a certain unmanageable level.

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