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Undisputed, the best gift God has ever given us is to play with our grandchildren and watch them grow.” Subodh Sharma

“Pure joy!”

This is what grandchildren are for grandparents! Life feels astonishingly satisfying and full with grandchildren in our lap! We experience the sheer joy that we might have missed during upbringing of our own kids. Grandchildren also always feel super-excited about this relationship. Simply because all their innocent dreams and wants are magically very well taken care by the grandparents.

Grandchildren are pure joy to their grandparents

Grandchildren are pure joy to their grandparents


A complete harmonic relation expressed best by the words,”grandpa and grandma are my best friends forever…It has been 50 years now!”

Grandchildren, right since when they are learning their a,b,cs consider grandparents as their best friends. There are many reasons behind this. First, grand-kids and grandparents have a common enemy! Jokes apart, they definitely share the common bond! Secondly, since early childhood, their small wants are really well taken care by the grandparents. As they grow, their needs and wants grow and the grandparents, if they can, are the first one to help. Thirdly kids may not be very open with their parents simply because they spend a lot of time with their grandparents (if true), they are open to share all the feelings with them. That brings them closer and makes them even better friends. The relation continues to grow stronger on the basis of the same cycle and great advises are shared between the relation. This makes the relation further lovable, bonded for life!

There is a universal grandparent’s day celebrated on the first Sunday after the Labour Day but we are unaware if there is a formal grandchildren day celebration. Though, as per our thinking a grandparent’s day is complete only with the presence of the grandchildren so we presume a separate grandchildren day is unrequired!


Children and grandchildren have a very fine line between their roles. For the sake of grandchildren’s role we will express it in-relation-to their grandparents only.

Grandchildren bring an absolute, fascinating new glow and enthusiasm in their grandparent’s life. From the days when they are just toddlers, their super-single role and outcome of their any action is to bring a smile on their grandparents face and it happens without a role play!

Interestingly enough after reading through the much wiser advices by learned people, I and VJ concluded that the role of grandchildren actually remains same throughout their life. To bring a smile on their grandparents face! As they grow older, the way they do this keeps on changing.

A toddler’s humpty-dumpty falling walk will make a grandparent smile. When the same toddler is grown up, an act of cooking, shopping for them, photo-sharing, visiting, gardening in their house, helping them visit someone or a medical check-up visit help will bring smile on their face. Just the act changes, outcome, the smile is always same! And the blessings they get in return are always the same.


It is very safe to say that when grandchildren are youngsters, they practically have no responsibility towards their grandparents. As they grow into their 20’s and grandparents grow older, it is a bond of love and affection that is bigger than responsibility. Due to that bond, we suggest grandchildren keep a check on their grandparent’s needs in terms of medical, health, visits, Christmas planning, any emergencies or else depending upon the individual family circumstances. Do your best for your grandparents and you will be amazed at the end!


Grandchildren sure have the incomparable rights (Including legal) in regards to the relationship with their grandparents. Unless forbidden by authority, all grandchildren should be given a periodic access to their grandparents. This will enable them to learn the meaningful experiences and weave the rapidly changing world together in their mind. More importantly, it will teach them the importance of values that are soul dependent, such as love, affection, sacrifice, forgiveness, tenderness, joy of giving and more. Grandchildren will have proper development both mentally and physically when they are in contact with their grandparents.

It is for the greater benefit of grandparents and grandchildren that they know meet and love each other. Improving upon this family value further creates a superior example and enhances the overall community value.


In a nutshell, results of being a good grandchild are really beneficial on an individual as well as community-wide basis. An individual gains the peace of mind for being respected and valued in the family and spreads the importance of repeating the same vibes throughout community. An unspoken but very valuable result is that a good grand-relationship also tends to strengthen the relation between a child and the parents. Grandchildren, through their family stories learn the similarities between them and parents. Grandparents tell their grandkids all the good sides of their parents and make a foundation which is rich in valuing the parent-child relationship.

Social values and individual respect are exponentially depreciated if we disrespect our grandparents.


Grandparents usually keep giving something to their grandkids out of sheer love. When grandchildren are really caring about their grandparents, the rewards can be endless. From being completely happy and influential family for 3 generations to inheriting the secret treasures of the older generations, anything is possible.

Furthermore, as the rule of the universe, what goes around comes around! We are going to reap what we sow!

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