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Enemies though unnecessary, teach us tolerance, patience, perseverance and more!

Enemies though unnecessary, teach us tolerance, patience, perseverance and more!


An unrequired but an unavoidable relation!

It starts with the notion that ‘no one can please everyone!’

No one likes having enemies but at times it can be impossible to get along with particular people. This relation simply feeds itself on an individual’s emotion handling capabilities. One simple example is when someone drives harsh and puts you in danger, your anger and anxiety goes up instantly. A rancor is born for a few moments. You may suddenly have an impulsive reaction which otherwise is not your regular personality style. After that person goes away, you cool down. Some enmities are complex as family feuds or else. While some might view it as an altogether negative emotion, having an enemy can help one develop useful attributes.

An enemy is a person who is opposed to you. He is one who does not hide the fact that he does not like you. You may not have any good thoughts towards him either, thus making it mutual. When you have an enemy, your relations with the person are strained. You cannot open up to him since he does not have supportive, useful thoughts for you. The relationship that you have with your enemy is distant as you prefer to keep space from each other. Interactions with one such are mainly negative, evoking similar emotions in you. You can well say a cold wall stands between you and the person with whom you do not get along.


An enemy helps one develop positive character. It usually happens in the face of hardship when you are put in a corner. In actual sense, when you have an enemy it broadens the way you think, forcing you to explore many options. It is difficult to exercise control and compassion to those that don’t like us yet having an enemy around gives one an opportunity to learn the virtues. If you want to learn tolerance, having an enemy is the best teacher of all.

When you have an enemy, you are more likely to practice control. No way will you let loose, when in the company of a person that does not like you. The show of disdain is enough to have you stay on guard throughout the encounter. It in itself, is the making of tolerance, as you will have to find a way to stay calm around the one whom you have little liking.

Enemies give us trouble, making us to formulate ways to keep the peace. Trouble is not always bad if you think about it. When a person is in trouble, he shifts gears in his way of thinking, opening the mind to even more options to survive. Problems are the chief cause of most innovations in the world. They make the human mind explore options, far beyond what is usually the case. It is the same with an enemy as one gets an opportunity to learn and practice some useful alternatives.


One of the top responsibilities we have to our enemies is to keep our differences from making us be inhuman to them. An enemy will try your patience and threaten to drive you mad. You do not have to succumb to pressure and act in the way he expects; rather you should tap into your inner strength and keep your intrinsic worth.

You owe it to yourself to treat people who have a dislike for you in a manner that communicates respect. Whereas, we do not have to be on guard when with friends, it is a different case when an enemy is around. Caution is exercised in the way we carry ourselves and even when we wish we would loosen up have to remain alert all the time. It is a big way to learn self-control as well as patience; traits enemies are immense at bringing out of us.

Whatever you can learn, from having one around you should be taken in with an open mind. Most of the time you discover qualities you never knew you had before the encounter with a foe. It is not altogether a bad thing, to have an enemy.


Whatever you do you should be patient with your enemies. It can be difficult but nevertheless worth trying. Keep a sober mind in the face of your enemies. Everyone deserves to be respected, even those that differ with you. It is a basic human right to accord every person whom you encounter their share of it. Even when we barely find anything to agree on with a person, remember he too is entitled to his own thought process. Accepting your differences allows you to co-exist peacefully within the same attributes.

Accord him some space as well, as this communicates your desire to keep the peace. An enemy is best left alone most of the time.


Enemies help us to develop tolerance. The process may not be very pleasant as it is a survival technique. It is not possible to be around people we get along with all the time, therefore, good to learn ways to cope with those we don’t. Enemies, in a simplest term, push us to find right people and make friends.

Patience is another virtue enemies teach a person. You have to exercise this if you want to live in peace with your enemies. They will no doubt test you with all manners of stuff, and for you to enjoy peace in their presence; you have to be patient with them.

On the other hand, an enemy can simply make life insurmountable for you. It cannot be easy being around a person who is full of contempt towards you. In such cases, it is best to initiate a dialogue and clarify the intentions. Remember; a contempt taken too close to the heart will ignite a war so better to talk it out before it happens.


You get to develop an admirable character when you have enemies. It is hard to believe how much an enemy can push one. Usually, you have a point to prove to your enemies thus work at being the best of yourself. It is not something anyone else can get you to do.

An enemy keeps you on toes, making you realize your buried abilities. Even though it is an unconscious act on his part, it works, nevertheless, in making sure you reach out into your hidden energy you may not have known about before.

When you recognize the important part enemies play in your life, you will be able to grow in various areas of life. The good, the bad of such an encounter works at making you a stronger person in the end. You can only claim to be well rounded in relationships when you know best how to deal with different kinds of people, enemies included.

Important learning: In the end, every life teaches only one thing. Enmity is worthless. It is better to realize sooner than later. Learn and practice to forgive. Tap your inner being, the peaceful you and make your enemies your friend! Enjoy the life you have!

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