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“Smile of my child is priceless, so is the smile of every child. A child’s laugh is the only thing that can instantaneously boost the life in life!”

If we are truly striving and caring to make this world a better place, imprint a guarantee that no child is and will be left behind.” Subodh Sharma

Smile of every child is priceless

Smile of every child is priceless


A child is almost a lifeline to a family! It is an instant medicine to many roughs of the world. What a child’s smile and laugh can bring to a parent cannot be experienced by any other entity! Ever! A Parent-Child relation is a relation in its purest state. It is formed and stays selfless throughout the life of a child and a parent. When away, they miss each other, when together they may always be fighting, but it is the only fight we believe still filled with love and lessons.

To properly acknowledge the importance of children and their recognition, the United Nation’s (UN) Universal Children’s Day, or also referred as International Children’s Day was established in 1954. It is celebrated worldwide on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness and awareness among children. Internationally, Children’s Day is now celebrated in over 80 countries. We encourage every country’s government to recognize and celebrate Children’s Day. By doing so, it can help to make this world a more peaceful place to live in!


Children play many important roles in our life. Many of the roles may be subtle but are equally important as the role of adults. Community building is one of the very important roles shouldered by the children and youth. As an example, visit a festive or national celebration venue. You will see a lot of children and youth helping in the stalls. This, in-addition of helping them to gain practical experience also helps their younger siblings to follow the suit and teaches the importance of volunteering. Imagine some children who use their summer time to take up a job, throw some newspapers and flyers in the neighborhood, babysit, pet-walk, house-help and more! All those children are actually playing a role guiding their younger generation the importance and benefits of hard-work and proper use of time!

They play a great link in-between themselves and other generations. Children are remarkably flexible and very fast learners. When they step up as youth, they have capability of improving wellbeing of a community. They also have willingness to play this role. Adults have to recognize this fact, their talent and provide right environment and motivation to children and youth so that they don’t hesitate to contribute and feel valued of their contribution.


On the contrary to the normal belief, children have a great responsibility on their shoulders. Their responsibilities towards themselves are tremendous. They need to take care of themselves, educate themselves to the best possible levels, learn the right lessons in life, and discard the flash-life attractions that can divert them towards making wrong choices. Children are usually not aware of the extent of the consequences of the wrong choices so their responsibility is to exercise self-discipline and it makes it harder for them! Simple example is a youth spending too much time in front of a TV. It is surely the parent’s primary responsibility but at a certain age, self-discipline automatically comes in and becomes a requirement. If the youth is ignorant about it, the direct consequences can be lower academic grades and unrequired downward snow-ball effect. It is parent’s guidance and youth’s direct responsibility! One more area where we all have consensus is the responsibility to learn and set goals from early age on. The importance of goal setting at an early age cannot be ignored. Similarly youth have a lot of (unspoken) responsibility towards their peers and siblings.

In a nutshell we believe that children have equal responsibility as adults. The criteria, measurement, impact and reward changes as per the type of responsibility they are in. Adults must provide proper environment to all the children depending upon the outcome / expectations from a particular task/responsibility.

Adults should help children understand and grow!


Children do have and should have incomparable rights. Children all over the world have right to the life’s basic requirements (Life, Nutrition, Education, Shelter, Protection and Medical)

United Nations is one of the biggest organizations that actively work for the children’s rights all over the world. UN convention, 1989 defines 54 articles as rights of each and every child in the world.

In addition to the basic rights (Life, Nutrition, Education, Shelter, Protection and Medical) I and VJ believe that they have the right to be loved by both parents. The presence of both parents is critical for the overall development of a child. It teaches balance in a most natural way. (Think about a dad saying to a kid no more TV and then mom explaining to the kid in her lap why dad is right!) The legal fight between parents should be kept separate from this right. We believe unless it is harmful, both parents must maintain a complete approachability and availability to a child; by law and by will.

All children are equal. They are born with a great potential. They are our future generation. What they will see, feel, experience, value and care for today is what they will decide for tomorrow. We all should come together to shape a better tomorrow by developing all the children today in a better stance.


A child is a child and better that way! The most effective way children learn is always a natural way. It is a well-recognized fact that children have different talents, learning abilities, learning stimuli and learning response. Result of a proper childcare is a better world tomorrow. Today’s child is definitely going to be a tomorrow’s leader and will mould the world in a new direction that will be based on his distinguishing strength and vision of the new world. He will derive both of these characteristics from the previous experiences of his life so make sure no child is left behind!

A satisfying family bonding is another valuable result of raising the children in a most natural, timely, prepared and proper way.

Results of being not so good child are somewhat discouraging. Taking a simple example of a child not doing up-to the expectation in the school starts to miss classes, grades go down, may drop a year, becomes part of an opinion and keeps going downward.

Children though sometimes can be hard to mentor but in almost all the cases, it is parenting that needs to be improved to make a child less stubborn or a better interest taker in the relevant matters. It is parents who need to find out the better ways of disciplining and rewarding their children to reinforce the importance of what they are teaching them. The word of caution is that whatever way parents choose, it must be an interesting way for the child to pay enough attention. Any factor of fear, loss, punishment etc. will make the child withdraw from the topic and it becomes really hard to recreate the child’s interest in the same topic. Results of poor disciplinary measures (fear, loss, punishment etc.) are never encouraging and can just temporarily help but in the long run they will bring negative changes or at the best, will bring no change at all.


Raising children right makes a family proud. Children become responsible citizens and carry over the torch to the next generation.

It is also very rewarding for the children when they reach their goals. They feel satisfied and it further enhances their self-esteem. Their willingness to accomplish more for others escalates and they tend to contribute more. At its own pace, the world becomes better.

Never to mention the rewards that children keep getting while doing good work in their childhood!

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