Subodh Sharma

Old and Wise

Time and over again it is proven that wisdom is the fruit of endless lessons learned through the 100s and 1000s of years of our history compiled by the people who know their compilation will help generations to come!

Old and wise people!

Their foresightedness is nothing else but pure wisdom! When people grow old, they also grow wise. One of the great trait that almost every old person develops is that he/she can think completely selflessly for others and about others. They can help very quickly by filtering out what is not necessary and can be harmful. They may not explain the medium that has to be adopted to accomplish a particular task just because their technology exposure is not as rapid as it has grown but surely they can distill the whole process and idea to accomplish something on the basis of experience they have acquired! On the basis of life they have lived!

We must follow their guidance if we are really looking to accomplish our goals!

Read these Life’s 45 wonderful lessons given by Regina Brett in our Inspiring Reads category. It so nicely reminds us about what is important in our life and sooner or later things diminish in their value so enjoy the moment you have!

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