Subodh Sharma

Adult but Immature

” Adult but immature is an unsatisfying phase of life where everything is interesting and attractive but nothing is mine.” Subodh Sharma

Without a doubt we all go through this phase. It is kind of inevitable. We feel very angry, lonely, unattached, depressed, down, cranky and what not. I refer and compare it as an earthquake inside us.

This phase of life must be as small as possible or will be very devastating. It should never reoccur because if reoccurred, it will tend to become a label and hence permanent reference to our personality. Reoccurrence will also damage whatever we might have built in the past.

In a nutshell, spot-on statement, this is the phase we don’t want to have in our life. We though, inevitably have it!

Then what to do? What is the call and the rule here?

1st answer is; Do Not Ignore!

Simply, do not ignore this phase of life. Ignorance will not solve the deeply buried issues. There is a reason that we all go through this phase. Help yourself to understand the reason, accept the reality and the possible consequences if this phase is not dealt with urgency.

2nd answer is; Learn!

Now, move ahead and learn what are your specific immature behaviours and how to completely dissolve those behaviours. There are some exceptional personalities who have mastered the art of life and have negligible or don’t have at all the “adult but immature” phase in their life. Learn from them. Request them the help you need. Explain your stand. Get help. Visit our and similar websites to read the inspiring material. Subscribe to our website for inspiring quotes and reads. Get connected to the material that can inspire you, and use it. Better even, spread it! Help others as well.

3rd answer is; Let It Go!

Further, once you have worked on your specific immature behaviours and have successfully overcome them, do not love them and keep them in your memories. Forget them. make deliberate efforts to push them out of your personality and existence.

Master the art of life. Become Exceptional!

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