Subodh Sharma

Adult and Mature

Adult and mature is a truly remarkable phase of life. Sometimes we don’t even realize it! Simply because most of our time is consumed in measuring tangible output and benefits. We are balanced, helpful, achieving and providing substantial means to complete our direct responsibilities. We are loving and caring and being loved though we may not express and it may not be expressed for us quite often. But it is there in us and for us. The goal is to extend the reach of this phase!

Before opinionizing the concept of adult and mature wrapped itself in these two words, I would like to state that every adult is not mature and every mature may still not be adult. Maturity as per the Oxford Definition is  the progress of an ingénue from childhood to maturity.

I believe it occurs whenever a person, irrespective of his/her age, starts behaving in more rationale, responsible and accountable manner. The person takes complete ownership of his/her actions and outcome of those actions. The child inside us has not to go out for this! Neither that child is ever to be given a lesser space than the adult inside us. It just needs a balance in a fair manner.

People in this phase of life have a lot to offer to their family and to the community as a whole. They can provide multi-faced guidance to the youth in their family and in the community. Some of the possible areas of guidance are career, talent recognizing and development, financial management from a young age, importance of working, substance abuse, prioritizing skills, volunteering, responsible recreation methods, meaningful choices, importance of family, skillfully managing the time, and as such many more.

Experience is the key in the adult and mature phase of life. It is the most valuable and should be highest contributed help in this phase of life. It helps distinguish between the right and the wrong even if and when many of the available choices seem right in the beginning. As a simple example it can help prevent fun and entertainment from becoming nuisance and addiction.

Let us all inherit the vast available value and experience in the adult and mature phase of life and use it to build a great responsible world. Let us combine it with the thinkers of tomorrow in the teen phase and form communities that are build with this great combination.

Experience from the mature and dreams from the teens = A better world!

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