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Jen (Jennifer) Bricker – The True Inspiration To Today’s Youth

November 23, 2016

Jen (Jennifer) Bricker  is the true inspiration to today’s youth.

She was born on October 01 1987 in Romania. She was born without legs. Citing her birth condition, her biological parents opened up for her adoption.  It seemed her father insisted this decision.

A wonderful couple and already parents of 3 boys, Gerald and Sharon Bricker from US adopted her.

She started enjoying sports, trampoline, tumbling at a young age. No legs was no problem!

As she grew up, she got inclined towards gymnastics.

She was born without legs but also without any limitation in her mind. On the top of it, her adoptive family was so inspiring that they reinforced her birth gift of unlimited mind to achieve whatever she wanted to focus on. They taught her never to have “can’t” in her vocabulary.

She received the teachings well.

She got completely inspired by her idol Dominique Moceanu, an Olympic gold medalist gymnast.

She started participating and winning in various tumbling competitions, became first state level champion without legs and competed in junior Olympics.

There was more to come!

At the age of 16 she was stumped by the life’s biggest surprise and fact!

She always knew that she was adopted by Gerald and Sharon. She never asked the details. Her adoptive parents shared this fact with her that her last name before adaption was Moceanu! She is actually a biological sister of her idol, Dominique Moceanu!

As surprising and overwhelming it can get, she accepted it with a great balance and wrote to her biological sister about the fact.

She was received well.

Today she is reunited with her biological sister and mother and lives a very happy and inspiring life. She is an aerialist, writer, life coach and motivational speaker. She teaches the world that nothing is impossible through her New York Time’s Best Seller book “Everything is Possible”.

I am truly inspired and honored to write about her!

“Limited” word does not exist in a legend’s dictionary. Subodh Sharma

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