How to naturally boost constructive emotions?

How to naturally boost constructive emotions?

How to naturally boost constructive emotions?

How to naturally boost constructive emotions in body, mind and life? Like happiness, excitement, success, courage, strength, help, etc.

As I wrote on the emotions page, constructive emotions are the emotions that help us to boost our willingness to achieve a little better, try a little harder, love a little more, and help us build our life in a developing, rising and satisfying way. Happiness, love, success, graduation, marriage, birth of a child, promotion in a job, and similar feelings and occasions in life usually generate constructive emotions.

When constructive emotions flow in our body and mind, we tend to act. Even if we have negligible data or facts about the emotion which is directing us, we have assumed that the result is already good or will be good, so we act, not in desperation or anxiety but in confidence and hope. Most of the time our energy level is very high as compared to the normal activities we do and this leads us to the right result. This happens because we are channelizing all our energy towards our constructive emotions to achieve and are not ready to let it go until the desired result is guaranteed.

With time, responsibilities and most importantly with the life experiences, constructive emotions tend to diminish. We all need to boost them from time to time to realize and achieve our true potential.

How do we boost constructive emotions? Here are the nine key methods we can use to do it.

1. Have the will

First and foremost is same for any change we want to bring in ourselves. Be willing to accept the need to change. If it is too hard for you to receive your own criticism, it is the indication that your bottleneck and hold-back point is your own thought-process. To begin, it is the will that makes all the difference. The first steps are the hardest steps and we need all the strength we have to initialize and keep taking the rising steps. Use your will, be determined to never give up and honestly mirror yourself to evaluate. As Mahatma Gandhi Said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

2. Recognize the moment

Luck is not to depend on but everyone gets lucky in life. It happens enormous times. We normally do not recognize it as our good luck. Sometimes even if we recognize it, we don’t have time to act as per our heart’s call as we are struck in other responsibilities. This is not at all about winning a jackpot. It is about truly simplistic things in life. Have you ever stopped and helped someone cross the road? Did you wave at those school kids in the school bus today? Did you volunteer this week or month or even year? Did you donate what you promised? Did you finish the painting you were making or the book you were reading? Did you help your family? Did you praise someone this week? Did you hold the door for someone? Did you tick off one more item from you bucket list? Now you see what I mean by getting lucky? All these small, simple actions are connected to your heart and make you happy and contented. Missing these leaves a small microscopic mark on your heart that you missed the moment. So simply recognize the moment, act and feel happy and get luckier!

3. Form irrevocable habits

Develop the habits that are unbreakable. Let it be an exercising routine, reading, time for volunteering, time to work hard or else. Be flexible, avoid rigidity and maintain a rhythm in your daily habits. Don’t have long gaps and don’t create vacuum time slots in-between conducting a regular habit. Create a monthly chart of your 5 top priority daily habits and tick (or cross) it before you sleep. Tick the ones you completed and cross the ones you missed. Fill the entire chart daily to see and focus on your misses. Slowly you will be refined and tuned up to constructive emotions simply because of focusing and accomplishing your daily tasks as habits. Destructive emotions will start to die without being noticed.

4. Stay 100% disciplined to your commitments

Have lesser commitments but keep your fulfilling rate to 100%. Each time you fulfill a commitment; it will create a snowball effect and will surely rejuvenate you to the next higher level. Soon you will realize that you only have constructive emotions flowing in your body, mind and life because everything you commit is completed and is well noted by people around you. These people in-turn will create your social image citing your commitment fulfillment. There is only one rule to remember and follow; 99% is not equal to 100%! Don’t stop until your day targets are done.

5. Participate in quality reading – (Subscribe to our FREE Blog)

‘Reading is to mind what eating is to body’. The difference is that we cannot feed our body without eating but we can still feed our mind even if we don’t read. Our mind gets fed by watching, listening, acting, touching, trusting, believing and more. Even dreaming and hallucinating subconsciously feeds our mind. Without reading, it becomes very hard to filter the garbage out that can otherwise disintegrate our focus and reduce our abilities. It can compel us to an agreed failure without even trying. Reading refines us. Reading helps us to quickly identify and discard the garbage going into our mind. So please – I will always encourage to participate in quality reading options such as online blogs, library, magazines and more!

6. Do not procrastinate

Time and again I cannot emphasize this enough. Procrastinating is the single reason to have many destructive emotions in us. Anxiety, hopelessness, fear, failure, crunch, discard and many more destructive emotions are born because of procrastination. Just do not procrastinate. Do what you planned. Do not stop just because of any reason. Do not stop because you have tomorrow in your lap. Just do it. Do it now!

7. Alleviate yourself

It is important to form a balance in the ‘elements of life.’ Do not be so rigid that you break yourself. Loosen up sometimes. Enjoy the life. Sit idle in a park. Throw stones in a pond. Go fishing, boating or whatever you like. Don’t read on that day. Grasp nature. Watch birds fly. Fantasize. Stare the stars. Reflect in silence. Calm down. Decompose and recompose yourself. Empty your mind. Rebuild your batteries. Alleviate.

8. Rise to the occasion

When given an opportunity, do not hesitate to burn the midnight oil to rise to the occasion. Proving worthwhile right when it is expected and is highlighted creates a great confidence, a performer’s mindset and a social image as an achiever. Greater confidence, right mindset with the right social image boosts a lot of constructive emotions in us. It also sets the proper stage for the future prospects.

9. Build on Strengths

Most of us unknowingly do a serious mistake. We build on weaknesses.. for us and for others. Building on a weakness though can bring some temporary results but in the long run it only promotes forming of destructive emotions inside out. It stops development and limits any achievement to the bare minimum requirements. To generate constructive emotions, it is necessary to build on strengths.

Simple example: We say to our kids, “You will go to the hockey game only if you write the 4 pages as writing practice.” The better way to say is, “Your hockey game is waiting for you. Yesterday you wrote 3 pages to practice writing. I know you can do 4 tonight and enjoy the game even more. Are you ready for one more page?” Do you feel the difference?

It takes sincere and focused effort to make a difference, equally valuing the importance of time in the process. All these suggested methods are very practical. We can actually prioritize the list to see our unique requirement and work on it as per our own individualized priority. If I am weak in reading, I will focus on reading, if you are procrastinating; you will focus not to do so. It is a slow but sure process when done on a regular basis to improve the flow of constructive emotions in our body, mind and life.

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