Subodh Sharma


An action that is not measured is still an action! It will lead you somewhere! The issue here is that it can consume your efforts, exhausts you comparatively much faster and reduces your productivity to a great length!

That is what makes “Measure” a very important segment in the “Flow of Life.”

Measure your actions against your goals on a periodic basis and streamline the gaps in-between goals and actual achievements.

Remember one thing though! The whole purpose of measuring is to act back , streamline, get better and celebrate! If you don’t do this, then the time, effort and resources used in measuring are a waste! I have specifically pointed this out here because I see numerous examples in life where people measure but fail to act back on the basis of results they get! Then they wonder why things are not improving even they are measuring everything!

Measuring alone will not make a change!

Do Act Back!

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