Subodh Sharma

Inspire Yourself

To help flow the life as smooth as possible towards your goal, the utmost important requirement is to be inspired! Being inspired will differentiate between passing each day and living each day to the mark. It will surprisingly remove all the out of need variables and focus your daily efforts, struggles and achievements towards your goal!

The abundance of energy you have will be channelized in the right direction!

First step is to inspire yourself!

Find the source! Internal or external! Though to be permanently inspired, it has to be internal!

Once you find the source, keep it close! Don’t let it go! embrace it! It is the ultimate link to help you connect to the next part of “Flow of Life, which is, Decide”. Each time you roam away from your goal, (Believe me, you will) the close-kept inspiration will help you focus back!

I also strongly believe that to stay in a permanent state of inspiration, permanent energy has to be supplied! From inside! Remember! It is internal!

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