Subodh Sharma


The purpose of measuring and correcting one’s objectives is to flourish! To be in one’s prime! To thrive! To start moving towards, from a great achiever in life to a great influencer in life!

To flourish is the first part to start making an influence on a wider circle around you! A segment where people start listening you, understanding your recommendations and valuing your input about their personal and professional subjects!

They start admiring you as a mentor! They come to you for an advice!

Although there are some basic fulfilments that are to be completed before reaching to the “Flourish” segment, I strongly believe that always being yourself and choosing, not faking to be happy, no matter what the circumstances are really helps. We always are at our best when we are happy and true as ourselves!

Here I will like to point out that sometimes we are sad and there is no harm in recognizing it rather than faking happiness. Recognise as soon as you can, express and overcome your sadness and revert back to your happiness as soon as you can! In this cycle from recognizing to reverting back, try to consume least amount of time and energy! Reduce the time taken to come back to happiness each time you face a sad situation!

After a few cycles of coming back to happiness from sadness, a magic will happen! Your time consumption will become negligible! You will be sad for a very short moment and than will be back to happiness!

That is the goal!

Flourish yourself and influence others! Stay happy! The more you do it, the more you will flourish! The more you flourish, the more you will be able to contributor towards other people’s happiness! It will slowly take you towards the best contributions of your life in and beyond your community!

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