Subodh Sharma


A decision is like a catalyst in our mind! It triggers to take steps in a particular direction. Faster we decide faster we complete the process. On the other hand questions are the interceptors. Each time we have a question, catalyst has to stop working, in this case decision has to stop working.

The moment you “decide” is the moment when 50% of your woes are finished!

Indecisiveness is the major difference maker in an average and outstanding achievement. It (Indecisiveness) consumes all the time and resources and usually drifts an important matter to urgency. Urgency further pressurizes to make the last minute decisions and they surely can be error prone!

Make decisions! Better yet, make decisions in time!

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher In their very good book “Thinking into results” have emphasized very nicely on the power of decision making! It helps filter out all that you want from all that you wish and takes you towards the next very important segment of ‘Flow of Life’, that is “Act.” This is where we all work to turn all what we want into all that we can.

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