Subodh Sharma

Victor Mogran: United Nations Compensation Commission: ALL FAKE!

January 30, 2016

Here is one from United Nations Compensation Commission! Pretty heavy email! All fake and fraud! See the matter in red below! DO NOT RESPOND!

  • Mr. Victor Mogarn (Sender’s email)
  • Jan 6 at 6:08 PMT
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Neem: The king of the natural medicines and home doctored remedies

December 3, 2015

Native: India

Common name: Neem, Nim, Nimm

Family name: Meliaceae

Scientific name: Azadirachta indica

Smell: Bitter

Taste: Very bitter

Part of the plant: From root to fruit, all has exceptional medicinal value

Useful qualities: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, medicinal, air purifier,

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Ginger – Anti aging properties with usefulness for overall good health

November 10, 2015

Native: Ginger is a tropical plant native to Southeastern Asia

Common name: Ginger

Family name: Zingiberaceae

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Smell: Pungent

Taste: Spicy

Part of the plant: Root

Ingredients: Gingerols and shoyaols, fibre

Useful qualities: Medicinal, taste, anti-bacterial, detoxifying,

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