31 actions to stay inspired

31 actions to stay inspired

31 actions to stay inspired

As I did state earlier that once you have found your inspiration, you will see that your life goals may change, means of achieving your life goals may also change, but your inspiration behind that will never change.

Then why do we actually need to feed our inspiration and stay inspired?

It is because inspiration though can never be replaced but it can vanish. It is as if someone never found the inspiration in the first place. That is why once found we need to keep it alive until it is strong enough to propel itself. We can keep our inspiration healthy and growing by doing simple things and changing around some habits, commitments, actions and lifestyle as a whole. Interestingly to keep inspired no drastic change is required. Small tune-ups will do a much better job than trying to make a complete shift, though in radical situations it may be necessary.

1. Start by agreeing with self: Internal voice is the right choice

Develop a habit of talking and listening to you and agreeing as well. Key expectation here is not only to talk and listen yourself but to agree to your internal voice. In almost all cases it is the right choice for you. Once you have a self-agreement, do not change it due to external pressures.

2. Read and reread: Take out the hidden weed

Importance of reading can never be stressed enough! It magically cleans up the mind. Don’t just always read the novels and storybooks though! Once in a while it should be fine. Read some great books like “7 habits of highly effective people” written by Stephen R Covey and many more like this. Subscribe to some good blogs and get the right reading material in your email.

3. Write 5 Things that you enjoy most: Keep them very visible, always in front of you

Let me substantiate the power of writing. It immediately transforms a dream into a possibility! Possibilities help to convert things into reality! Make the 5 things you enjoy most your realty.

4. Visit nature: It rejuvenates

Do it even if you like the urban lifestyle more than the natural lifestyle. Use all the opportunities you can to enjoy natural rejuvenation. Feed birds.

5. Don’t commit to every(good) thing

Realize that there are endless great, wonderful things in this world. Seeing and enjoying them is different than getting committed to them. Know your inspiration and work for it. Other good things are attractions and enjoy them as a perk, do not stress them as a target

6. Rest and unwind

Plan a day and really do something you enjoy, or best even, do nothing. Relax, throw out all the stress you have in mind and unwind yourself. Visit the beach and go on!

7. Decide

If I were to force one and only one habit to change, I will say never linger in a state of indecisiveness. Yes or no for any given situation will not hurt as much as a ‘may be’ will

8. Challenge yourself

If you are unable to consciously match your actions with your internal voice, challenge yourself to make it that way. Also once in a while make a week really challenging for yourself by keeping hard targets in that week, then; go for them!

9. Value money

It may sound materialistic at some point, but it is really a neat and helpful habit to value money when you have it. Save some and spend wisely. In this world where all the debt is invisible in the form of credit cards, it certainly is an unmanageable and highly depressing situation if a mode of income is reduced or lost. Unfortunately it happens a lot now-a-days

10. Keep in touch and seek blessings

Keep in touch with elders in the family. Seek blessings as they are filled with unlimited, invisible power

11. Be a child

Given every opportunity and knowing the cutoff line, be a child whenever you can. Play with kids, take them with you in parks, movies, horse-riding, camping sporting, lunches, dinners and do all you can do. Remember the fact time is not going to come back. Enjoy it with kids as much as you can.

12. Donate

No matter what your situation is, there are people who need it more than you. Donate what you can. It will give you peace and it will give the other person much needed piece

13. Focus daily

Whatever your livelihood is; have a habit of creating a crystal clear step in daily work/home life. Write down, “My Focus Today”. It can be smallest possible action but no matter what, take this one action hard on yourself and do not rest unless your this focus action is complete during the very same day.

14. Associate

Associate with the people who influence you and whom you influence. Do something together. Contribute back to the community. Have friends and be with them when needed. Call them in your needs

15. Create

Most of us liked art classes in the school! Why? Colors are very powerful and if we create something with them, it becomes a priceless relaxing memento for us. Don’t be conscious about the quality of the creation here! Mark the lines, circles, dots, angles, shades, face, whatever, the way you like! Just do it. Express yourself rather than trying to make an art masterpiece!

16. Forgive

Don’t burden your memory with all the mistakes others have committed. Forgive and move on. Help people to change for better if you can. Focus your energy on ‘what happens after you forgive’….. and not on ‘I cannot forgive because…!’

17. Find love and make love

Find your true love and make everything else meaningful. Engage for lifetime. Disengagement is not an option here.

18. Work for nothing

Volunteer your time. Look around and you will find many opportunities to lend that much needed hand

19. Plan yearly, focus and act daily

Make a yearly plan but act on it daily. Glancing at the plan only after the year has gone will give you a headache. Get better little by little, year by year

20. Celebrate your achievement

Regardless of the size of the accomplishment, celebrate it with a little treat (reward) and a little note (learning) to self

21. Fight for your right

Inspiring/ getting inspired absolutely does not mean giving up. Great inspiring people all around the world have fought their battles though it sounds negative for the moment. It is always done for a bigger, positive change and must be carried out if all other options are exhausted

22. Do not procrastinate

Procrastination and Indecisiveness are brothers. They support each other. Do not procrastinate. It only makes simple things complex and pushes you to do more in less time making it error and safety prone. If you got to do it, prioritize and act. Start what you need to start. Stop what need to stop. Don’t be too late

23. Make a whirl of positive

One thing leads to another. Make a whirl of positive and keep making it bigger. Try not to distract but if you are distracted, come back quickly on your focus and keep making a whirl

24. Take a stock of your life

Check where you stand today. What have you improved upon? What has slipped? Financially, relationally, etc. What did you learn last year? Are you moving in the direction you want to? Make it a habit of doing it once a year. Develop written criteria for you and your family to check it. Where do you stand on 5 things that you enjoy doing (3rd action item on this list). How often are you able to do them? Do you need to change something so that you can do them more often?

25. Drop anger

Anger can instantly damage any life. Drop it completely. Throw it out of your life. Take your time to respond. Never react. A person may take whole life to build something and anger will destroy it in 10 minutes. Anger is anyone’s and everybody’s biggest enemy

26. Educate yourself

Life begins right if you take time to complete your formal education in the field you like. Learning is a lifelong process but to transform from a formal student to a formal performer, the idea is to get maximum formal education possible before putting yourself through the hard knocks

27. Merge your inspiration and vision

Make a complete commitment and let your vision drive your inspiration and vice-versa. Make it so clear that your vision and inspiration are talking and complementing each other.

28. Don’t regret

Regretting only throws more into a negative spin. As a standalone learning process, regretting is not intolerable but it doesn’t help to grow very well. Getting into a habit where we immediately flush the regretting part from the learning cycle actually helps to come back faster on track.

29. Know that we always have a choice

Choices never end. Our ability to reach out does. Don’t let it happen to you. You and I do have a choice. Ensure that we reach out for the right choice in time.

30. Pay conscious attention to your health

If you are not there, nothing is there that you will witness. Work to leave the legacy but be there for wisdom. Take care of your health. Know your body and exercise. Don’t wait for the best time to make the best choices. Start now. Stay healthy for better shaping the dream you have

31. Above all: Act

I personally think that Thomas A Edison was not the first one to dream a working electric bulb with a filament in it. I certainly though believe that he was the first person to relentlessly work and was committed to achieve it in-spite of all the failures. If you do nothing else, work you B-off for your vision and sooner or later your inspiration will join your vision!

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