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What a pure, tender, loving and caring family relation! Grandparents spread only one thing in this world! Love, Joy and Happiness! Sorry these are 3 things but then so are the grandparents, always give you more! ūüôā

On Aug 3 1978, then President of the United States, Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation declaring the first Sunday after labour day as “National Grandparents Day” in USA.¬† As per the statute the day’s purpose is “To honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.”

Indeed a great purpose!

Now there are many countries that celebrate an official grandparents day. I believe all countries should do it!



Evaluating the role of grandparents in grandchildren’s life, we ( I and VJ) certainly believe that they are the first counsellors when it comes to the grandchildren’s talent, hobbies, development, career, vacationing, likes, dislikes and similar areas of life. We both though also believe that when it comes to discipline, parents should take the lead with their kids and the process of discipline should not be passed on to the grandparents. Grandparents should enrich grandchildren’s life with the valuable experience and guidance. Grandparents over all construct the grandchildren where as parents smith them. Grandparents help grandchildren to develop a great sense of connection and proud to their older generation. It further helps enhance them their self-confidence and grow right for the world when practicalities of the world come to shake hand with the young generation.

We¬†always encourage children to consult their situations with their grandparents.¬† After all, they are the ones who know children and their parents very, very well! We also encourage grandparents to respect the ‘parental boundaries’ when working with their grandchildren. For example, if parents have limited the access of TV, games, tablet etc, of their kids, then grandparents should not break that limitation just because they are ‘parents’ of ‘parents’!


Grandparents are the most responsible link amongst 3 generations. At the time when a lot of people in the grandparents age group feel that they are retired, they are actually in a greater responsibility phase. They are moulding the future generation. Very slowly, inch by inch they are carving the best out of the raw. When majority of parents are working round the clock, it is the grandparents who shoulder the responsibility of making a child a great citizen in all aspects. Furthermore they create a great influence on the community while fulfilling this underlying responsibility.


Grandparents¬†are very loving and caring. If they are respected well, I believe they will do anything for their grandchildren. In addition to the constitutional rights, we believe that grandparents need some quite time because they reflect their past a lot and guide the new generation. They need love and respect as their constant food!¬†We also believe that legal limitations to see grandchildren should be completed removed unless grandparents are proven hostile towards them. Just because of family feuds, limiting grandparents from grandchildren is very low for both of them! It is sad! Actually in many cases the grandparent’s wisdom can be used to bridge family feuds!


The results of being good grandparents are remarkable. Grandparents are completely indispensable part of any family. Not only grandparents make wonderful and responsible citizens, they influence community on a wider scale and pave the path to develop any great country by providing right guidance to the future generations. They help develop many core habits and competencies of the young people such as availability, patience, behaviour in various circumstances, selflessness, hardworking, persistence and many more!


Grandparents¬†get many rewarding moments of being excellent grandparents. The biggest unspoken one is the peace of mind. Additionally they are able to see what they missed during their own children’s growth simply because they were working hard enough to earn that livelihood! Now they have quality time to spend with the children of their children and enjoy every moment of it. Furthermore when grandchildren are adults and are enjoying their career and life, grandparents feel on the top of the world and are proud that they are the one who moulded these kids!

Now they are getting ready to reap the rewards of being great ‘great grandparents’!

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