Subodh Sharma


“Watching your child walk for the first time is same as feeling the heaven right in your own home.” Subodh Sharma

The most exciting moments are when toddlers smile, laugh, walk, fall, rise, chatter, express their emotions, uncensored by their brain. I truly believe that they are forming the dreams in their lovable activities. Every action they love to do has charm, cuteness and some kind of pattern in it. It is that hidden, subtle pattern which is very unrecognizable in the beginning carving the toddler very gently, very softly, very carefully.

When kids are in the age group 3-5, they are more expressive, more verbal and full of ideas from their own world. The world that has no boundaries, no limitations and even no knowledge! That is the time when they don’t know the word ‘impossible’. If it hits their mind, they will try to do it. Many parents who recognize their children’s capability in this time and let them explore in a natural pattern, can validate the exceptional focus, concentration and will of their little children to excel in that capability. Many will validate the extraordinary achievements on the basis of early recognition.

This is why I say that children in this age are actually dreaming. They are just yet unaware of it.

Help their dreams. Help them find the way. Help them realize. Give them the gentle direction they need. Play the ultimate mentor’s role. Be there.

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From the age group 5 to 12, it is one thing after another that takes the youngsters by surprize, by force, by need, by peer pressure and more. Education, Sports, Personal, Medical, Family and more. The only one thing I will say here is that help them recognize and pursue something of their self-interest. Help them identifying their dream. This is where we as parents and guardians can add considerable influence and prepare them for the best interest of their own. Help groom their natural talent and facilitate them to reach to a level where they start considering it their goal. Help them understand time planning and keeping an organized schedule for their self-interest.

Sail them through their young years into their teens! Smooth, responsible and time-sensitive!

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