Subodh Sharma


“For if teens are not there, this world will be a stagnant place.” Subodh Sharma

Teens always walk above the ground. They are always in their irrational world and don’t want to come out of it, but they do one thing very well. Dreaming!

They is how I think it should be!

By dreaming, they shape the future of this world. Their ever evolving mind is responsible of thinking what seems impossible in the beginning. They are the architects who design the realities that do not seem to be feasible today. Sometimes their path of achieving the destination might be weird. Someone might play a lot of video games before becoming a game expert, rather than doing academic study about the games.

With some exceptions, I surely support that teens must be allowed to do whatever they like. The activities they involve themselves in are more life’s learning lessons and less nuisance.  The impulse, impatience and agility they have is because of the fact that they are recognizing the most important person in their life. They are working on their own recognition and identity. They want to know the answers of the 2 very basic questions. What is their identity and what is their destiny?

I strongly believe that in addition to the physical and chemical changes during the teen years, there is a strong psychological change that pushes teens to find out these answers. This is the age when they should get the answers if not sooner, to organize and sustain their “flow of life” in a meaningful manner. It usually is the best within teen years to find a way rather than just to adapt a way. Every teen eventually will slip and rise during his/her transformation from teen to adult but the best promises will be kept if they are finding their way and then adapting to it rather than just adapting to a way that is available and accessible at that time. Only adapting a way does not represent their choice and as such. gives them a limited willingness to excel right from the beginning.

Our job here is to facilitate and let their imagination run wild. I refrain from too much hand holding as this cultivates a habit of over-dependency and under confidence. I help just enough to explain logical reasoning of what is right and what is or may be not right. This in turn helps a smooth and confident transition from a teen to a responsible adult. I help to grow their logical thinking. This balances their dreaming ability and their logic and merges it together, possibly for a much bigger reason which is satisfaction throughout life!

Listen teens. Get their ideas to work. Make a better world!

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