Subodh Sharma


“The cry and the smile of a new born can treat all the worries of this world.” Subodh Sharma

Infant age group usually considers newly born up-to 2 years. Undoubtedly this is the golden phase of life. A life has evolved out of us and nothing as per my thoughts can make anyone happier and fulfilling than seeing and feeling your own life playing around you as your child/children. Understand that you and I here, have a power and choice to spread nothing but pure love in the form of reproduction and bringing life in the universe.

As soft as flower peddles, infants surely need care and tenderness second to none. They are fully dependent on their parents  for everything they need to do. Crying and smiling is the only language they learn in the beginning.

Actually, infants learn and teach their parents the language of crying and smiling! 🙂

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Enjoy the love and charm of your newborn!

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