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Peace in Life

“The ultimate aim of our existence is to attain peace in life. Absolute calmness! Stability that is bothered by nothing! The purity that cannot be diluted by anything!” Subodh Sharma

Peace in Life! The Ultimate Aim To Be Here!

Peace in Life! The Ultimate Aim To Be Here!

By immersing immensely into brutal self-analysis, unrest, countless nights without sleep, reading, isolated time devotion, meditation and similar other conscious efforts; at last, I really feel that I am able to discover that I have a small, tiny piece of peace living in my sub-consciousness. I know what peace means! (Possibly) Yeh!

I am about to try to define it here! Believe me, I am nervous! I can’t paint the picture of peace! It has no shape, form, color, odor or any other property that I can capture. It has no touch. No branches. No closeness or distance. It doesn’t even have a light flash. It doesn’t boil. It never freezes. It never flows.

It only has a feel! Untouchable feel! The feeling comes in momentarily. For a fraction, for a millionth of a second! It is impossible to nerve it. It conclusively leaves some trails though.

I am sorry; I am still unable to and incapable of knowing, recording, understanding and explaining those trails except for one feeling that I have described below in an example. I am continuously trying.

It is absolutely an individual’s feeling. No two individuals can have it together, doesn’t matter how close they are. You cannot teach peace. No one can! The best we can do is to bring a loved one up-to the door, help him/her to open it and let them discover their own peace.

I can only give one definitive statement about it. It comes when you help someone. It comes and stays in your subconscious for a longer time if you help your enemy, perceived enemy or an opponent. Simply put, you helped someone you initially didn’t want to. Sports world defines it under the heading ‘sportsman spirit’. The moment of ‘Peace’ though is so short that it dies without being recognized. In case of a formal celebration, it is automatically converted into the moment of joy and happiness and in case of an informal situation, we quickly close our eyes, thank almighty, feel uplifted and go back to our routine life. The ‘Peace’ moment stays utterly unnoticed.

It is there though! Peace is inside you, inside me and inside everyone else!

Let’s create a simple example.

Suppose you have helped a colleague who used to be your rival in the recent past. One day, he suddenly comes in your office, gifts you a bouquet, apologizes for the past hardships, acknowledges your help and explains how it was good for him.

What do you feel? The exact moment!

Well, the moment when you take a long breath, close your eyes and feel contented that a person who used to be your opponent is now your friend and even importantly, you took the initial step to do so. At that exact moment, it feels that your heart is pumping blood purely in synchronization with your mind! There is no difference to what your mind and body needs v/s what your heart supplies. There are no losses. It feels that heart and mind are one for the moment. They are in a perfect, flawless orchestral resonance. This is the MOMENT OF PEACE!

That moment has the tiny little ‘Peace’ encapsulated in it. For some reason, it is a protected encapsulation! I cannot define and describe it beyond this point. I cannot feel and penetrate it further. I am unable to capture other signals and trails of the body at peace. I fail to understand why! Peace is covered and is not completely understandable. I am trying! Always ongoing!

Though, the ultimate aim of our existence is already living in us. Quietly! We have already attained peace, we just don’t know how to amplify it and the signal dies without being recognized at the right moment.

I am sure eventually we will find the means to strength the signal at the right moment and amplify it! We will find out how our heart and mind can beat together as one. Forever!

Eventually, the world, our beautiful world will be at peace!

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