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Subodh himself is very self-inspired person and has always loved to inspire. He believes that helping and inspiring others to achieve their lifetime dreams is the best job one can do! Without a doubt! With passion and willingness to understand other’s difficulties, it has become his natural choice to help people and point them the right way!

Vijay is a great mother and a super natural inspiring person. She has crossed-over difficult situations of life very successfully and has implemented real, self-developed strategies to maintain a great financial balance in life during tough times. A perfectionist by nature, she truly wants to inspire people and wants to share her ideas behind family, love, contribution and fulfillment.

Vijay and Subodh are married for almost 20 years and have 3 wonderful children.

Here’s our story

I lived a life of comfort and joy, throughout! I am born as a youngest son in a proud family. We are three brothers all enjoying their life to the fullest. I was given special attention being youngest and all my wants and desires were fulfilled either by my parents or by my two great elder brothers.
It was good and bad!
It was good at the age when I thought this is all I need to live happily (Somebody is taking care of all what I need). My needs were even anticipated and were dealt in advance. I was always on the top of the agenda of my family. I felt like a only child in the world and everybody is paying attention to me. Golden days!
Then life came unannounced!

I was growing older! Now I have to take the responsibilities. About education, about grades, about helping in the family and so on. I took the responsibility and delivered.
Life further started throwing harder challenges on me. I wasn’t scared at all but was too honest to deal with some of them. I dealt with them.. very strongly! and won! Yeh!!
Then I got married. What a dream girl she is! I love her to my soul! Actually there are some people with whom I got opportunity to discuss one very crucial decision and situation of (anybody’s) life. I say to them ” There MUST BE ONE person in your life to whom you can give everything you have and never ever desire anything in return! (Its not legacy I am talking about) Otherwise no matter what you have accumulated, you are poor to rags in my eyes!” She is that person in my life! We had our first daughter! Remarkable child, she is now 15, a bit daddy’s girl!

We together decided to move to West ( A much to the West!!) I decided to do everything on my terms! Choose job what I like, choose house what I like and so on… Life in the west started very well! We had our own house in one year and we were growing nice including our relation! 10 great years passed!!
Now life threw challenges on us for what we both were unprepared and novice actually!!
Some life (and death) events, job mis-alignments, personal stress and wrong decisions, trying to grow our own business, medical conditions at the birth of our second child, (Wonderful daddy’s and mama’s boy) requirement to travel in financial disaster, and more and more and more…..
Now I was a bit scared…
No matter what came in our life, we faced it together. Won even in those conditions. My wife was actually the major warrior in the battle! A great woman! We won everything!
Our third child was born! Wonderful boy, mama’s boy!
We are rebounding! Work is in progress! There are some more bouncy moments! We are going to win together!  She is my soul! We are soul-mates!
And well, this is called life…..isn’t it!

After going through the critical roller-coaster of life (And overcoming the obstacles together), we realized that everyone is going through complex and multiple life issues on daily basis. I started thinking that what a person can do to find the answers and more importantly find the inspiration to carry on in the reverse circumstances. We used to surf the web and make endless accounts to find answers to many of my unanswered questions. I figured that for each type of issue, I have to go on multiple blogs/forums/websites/ and first, create account to say or to hear anything back. Well to certain extent it was OK but it became overwhelming pretty quickly. I thought;

Can we help?

Obvious answer was;

Why not?

We decided to start our blog at this instance. The goal is where everyone can come after their work, exhausted, and go through each other’s life story and share some real successes! What is the purpose of going through other’s life story?

Well I believe when we see others in the same boat as we are in, first it gives a satisfaction that no matter at a distance, but we are two people who can help each other to solve our similar issues, second it takes away a bit of the pain someone is experiencing while being in the state of loneliness!!

A lot of topics from our routine day to day life will be covered in this blog. I am taking it one at a time…

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