Subodh Sharma


Contribute is the most satisfying, rewarding and empowering segment of life.

This is where we experience the results of all our hard work from “Inspire” to “Flourish” and are proud to expand ourselves to contribute for others. Our influence in and around our community is growing! We are regarded as legendry leaders and everything we do is to bring improvements in other lives! Our approach about people around us is very neutral!

Contribute is very interrelated and interdependent segment. It cannot be accomplished without having a sense of flourishing and on the other hand there is no need to wait to be in this segment of life. We can always start from volunteering, donations, monetary contributions, to charities, to community service and than expand our reach as per our resources. Working slowly but steadily, we can choose the cause we want to devote to and help people to eradicate that cause.

Every bit counts in this segment of life. You are helping someone else! That is what is important. That is what will differentiate you and make you as a true contributor! Helping and working for others!

Every winner has a smile on his face but a contributor smiles even more when he/she brings a smile on other’s face! A contributor becomes much bigger than a winner! A contributor’s feeling is a life long feeling where as a winner smiles from one fight to another!

Create an Impact! Contribute!

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