Subodh Sharma

Flow of Life

If the question “How one should live a life” exists, this is the answer!

We always wondered what is the logical, internal and correct flow of a life-cycle. After reading through a lot of literature and connecting pieces of the puzzle, we realized that everyone’s life goes through these 8 transformations or segments as the person matures. Very interestingly no matter how old the person is, these transformations do not start until the first segment, “The Inspiration” is in place.  We realized that sooner we start this transformation cycle, sooner we are on the right track to successfully go through the phases of life.

We intend to discuss these segments of life in greater lengths, but here is the single sentence description!

Inspire (Self): To begin the meaningful life, it is important to have the inspiration in place
Decide: Once inspiration is there it is important to decide the direction anyone wants to go in
Act: Act on the decision as without action a decision is nothing more than a piece of a paper
Measure: Measure your actions to streamline as and when required
Correct: Keep correcting with time, in-time
Flourish: With all the phases up-to “correct”, flourish yourself and be proud
Contribute: Contribute in the community and widen your circle of influence
Bequest: Leave your legacy

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