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How To Always Move Towards Light?

May 20, 2016

How to always move towards light?

What exactly does it mean?

Moving towards light simply means how we make more and more right, fruitful and contributing choices in life. How we reduce the number of wrong choices we make and how we minimize the impact of a wrong choice if chosen at all?

The countless choices we encounter in life and our mind scans through are always not the right choices. Some of them are bound to take us towards darker days, a much darker future than we can anticipate. Some of them can be heavy on our budget and some can be too demanding, time and health wise. Some are simply not worthy of trying in-spite of materialistic gain and thrill they seem to promise (nevertheless, people try them anyway!)

It is very important here that we do not confuse wrong choice with a negative choice. Wrong choice is not to be made in any given circumstance. Negative choice is the other side of the picture and helps to understand and minimize the drawbacks of a positive choice. (I guess that is why we need opposition in every parliament!)

Let’s consider an example here.

A soldier knows that he will face death situations as a job requirement and the choice he is making. The pride associated with the fact of serving one’s country makes the fact of death situations valueless. On the other hand a gangster knows that he will face the death situations because of his choices and involvement in the gang.

In this example;

Soldier’s career is the positive choice

Gangster’s career is the wrong choice,

Death is negative.

Death forces involved people to find out better war methods to minimize any death situations. It does not stop people to become soldiers primarily because it is always a positive choice. Gangster choice should not be made in any given circumstance. It has no positive output on the individual, on the community and overall on the society. It is only chosen because of the history and emotions of the mistakes involved, delusions it promises or represents and the self-limiting thought it snaps on the people.

Life is built upon and strengthened by the choices we make. All choice small or big, do count on making life stronger (or weaker!)

To move always towards light (towards right choice), what we need to do?

First and foremost, moving towards the light is a conscious decision, a choice only you can make for you.

  1. Study the impact: When presented with or subjected to the choices, study the impact of the particular choice on you. Read, research and decide. Check short and long term both. Do not hurry. Anticipate any negative impact or question the choice completely. Example: Driving after drinking is a wrong choice. Call a cab. The impact on your pocket (cab money) is negative but way better than the wrong choice of driving under influence and hurting your life for a way longer time and losing much more money in the process. (For those who want to know, not drinking at all is the positive choice)
  2. Set free the peer pressure: Never worry about the peer pressure. Do what is fitting in your lifestyle, commitment and time planning. Respect and refuse rather than oblige and regret. Good friends will really understand you. You do not need to sacrifice your standards to go with the flow. Live your standards on the regular basis and people will stop pressurizing you. Until then learn the art of ignoring what is not fitting in your personal criteria. Understand that mocking and laughing at others are weak’s ornaments. Let the pressure dissipate. Don’t let it accumulate in your mind. At all! It is almost a first step towards making a wrong, thoughtless choice. (You release the pressure temporarily by making a wrong choice but it mounts way larger in the longer run)
  3. Keep your vision crystal clear: Be a visionary for yourself before creating any vision for anything or anybody else. A well laid out life track will reduce surprises, maximize available time and soften the unpredictable blows. Keep your vision always in front of you. Review it on a yearly basis.
  4. Mediate: An extraordinary method of releasing everyday life pressures. Do anytime, a few times a week and you will experience the difference. Connect to the soul you love. Family, God, friends, idol, activity, memory, sight, universe or what-else it might be. Connect your calm with deep breathing. Reassure your wisdom for your success. Promise yourself to act to achieve better and faster than yesterday.
  5. Don’t undermine everyday choices: Are we eating outside tonight? How should I react when I see a complaint from my kid’s teacher? That TV costs only $300 more! Car’s service is not important! It is Friday. I don’t feel like going to work! Who cares? Gym is for frail! Nothing changes if I am late! Reading is boring! Credit card debt will eventually end with my life!

Examples are endless. You get the feel. Life is built on everyday choices and we choose every day. Consciously or subconsciously! Choose for yourself. Choose right and positive. Strengthen daily choices to make life stronger. Don’t penalize yourself too much if you feel that you have fallen behind. Take a fresh start; solidify your vision and accelerate! Stay committed to make better choices on a day to day basis.

  1. Know where your soul lies: Till now I have 2 regrets in life. One, I missed my cousin’s funeral and second I missed my niece’s marriage. Don’t I have explanation for those situations? I surely do? Do those explanations even satisfy my gut? Not really! I know I made the incorrect choice at the first place. No matter what, I should have been there. Decide right in-time and act accordingly. Regretting later is of no use. Nobody acknowledges your regret, only your presence is acknowledged.
  2. Accept the reality: It is an undisputed fact that two days cannot be same. You will encounter the best days when things will fall exactly where you want them to be and there will be days when all your efforts may seem fruitless! Do your best when you are otherwise close to a withdrawal and important is to ask yourself; did I do my best? What did I learn out of it? Did I control the whole outcome or some part of it or nothing at all? What is my commitment for the next time? What will I change to make it better? Keep focused and moving!
  3. What to forget and what not to: Make all your falls absolutely inconsiderable. Forget them instantaneously after learning! Remember and count your rises! Build on your successes. Failure are lessons not the carryovers. Never settle after a failed attempt. A failure is nothing unless it finds a permanent spot in your heart. An attempt is always praiseworthy. Keep it this way and don’t stop attempting until you reach your goal. Remember King Bruce and spider?
  4. Recognize your needs and your wants: Once our basic needs are fulfilled, we all have unique needs. So unique that we need unique help as well. Don’t be shy of asking help. Recognize your needs and mentor yourself to a sustainable altitude. After that, every action you swing into will be one step closer to your vision. On the other side, recognize your wants as well. Work for them but don’t let it dishearten you in case you don’t achieve them. Keep them separate of your needs and always prioritize your needs. Fulfilling needs keep you happy and contented, fulfilling wants keep you energized and in fantasy!
  5. Acknowledge your mistakes: Do it fastest you can. Remove the burden of face-saving from your heart. Acknowledge your mistakes, learn and move on. Never ever linger on a mistake. Don’t bother to justly your mistakes. Trying to justifying a mistake actually ruins the best talent. All your wonderful energy is now channeled towards justification of a mistake. As soon as you will acknowledge the mistake, now you can channelize your energy to correct and improve the same. Do you feel the difference?
  6. Never settle with your attitude: Always revisit your attitude to improve a situation. Almost all results can be improved if we analyze and reanalyze how we approached the situation, how far did we stop from the desired result and what specifically we could have done better to change our thinking and subsequent results. This is only about our thought process and attitude. Don’t focus on resources here. Resources are available in abundance. We just need to have an attitude to find them.
  7. Keep your core intact: As I always say, keep your core intact. Your fundamental values should never change to gain or to lose something. It is also very important to know what exactly your fundamental values are. Without knowing these, diving to find your inspiration becomes harder.
  8. Love yourself: Love yourself completely. Don’t let yourself fall into the deceptions of valueless thoughts and depression when you are going through the hard times in life. Especially in these times keep your vision very clear and always in front of you. Every diamond goes through the roughs and the blades. Become rugged and never give up. Love yourself and win.
  9. There is no right reason or way to do a wrong thing: Hardest to practice but it is true. There are so many triggers in life that will push us to make wrong choices for the sake of visible right and mostly flashy reasons. Remember this rule in that situation. There is no right reason or way to make a wrong choice.
  10. Don’t stop your journey, change the course: Positive result is a trigger for further action. The negative results usually trigger to stop an action or the complete activity. In the given situation the question to ask yourself is; what will keep you going in-spite of all the actions you took resulted in negative results? What will keep your actions almost independent of your results until you achieve the results you desire by varying and trying different actions? In other words don’t let your journey go because of one part yielding unfavorable results. Change your course until you get to your desired result.
  11. Reward yourself: Your achievement is your pride. You made the right choice and worked for it. Now is the time to reward you. Push for a little “I” here! It does not hurt.
  12. Learn and prepare for next: Know that life is a long; non-stop journey. One success leads to the next responsibility. Enjoy the success, take the next responsibility with honor and move-on!
  13. Remember the basic: It is never one act, one day, one person, one situation, one success or one failure that defines our path. In almost all the cases we shape our life as a collective set of all these and more. Our mind as our true guardian, gives us the signal each time we have it right or not so right! Always remember to listen to the signals of your mind. It is your true guardian.

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